Beautiful Creatures Tarot Set – Cards Deck & Book


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Beautiful Creatures Tarot Set – Cards Deck & Book

By JR Rivera and Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Visit a mystical and exotic world where all your questions, big or small, complex or simple, are answered with the utmost love, honestly, and clarity.

Enjoy 80 beautiful and sublime Tarot cards (including 2 extra Wild cards) depicting mythical and legendary creatures as they guide you to a place where all problems are left far behind and faith and positive energy in life are restored.

Playful, serious, and friendly, these childlike creatures will aid and entice you to discover the answers you have been seeking through diverse messages found in the comprehensive companion guide, which is simple to understand and learn.

Explore your intuition and endless possibilities for solutions to quandaries within your life.

Dont shy away from these beautiful creatures; come into their world and lose yourself within their authenticity.

Features 10 Tarot layouts and a Foreword by renowned Tarot Author, Barbara Moore.