Book – Consulting the Coins I-Ching – Pre-Loved


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Consulting the Coins Book – Pre-Loved

By Peter Hazel

Consulting the Coins:  A New Age Interpretation of the I Ching

Need advice on:

  • business matters?
  • health?
  • affairs of the heart?

Consulting th Coins brings New Age awareness and interpretations to the I Ching, allowing easy access to a masterpiee of wisdom and prophecy.

Said to be the oldest book in the Workd, the I Ching is a source of divination from Taoist and Confucian philosophy.  Written by chinese scholars over 3,000 years ago.

No one knows just how the I Ching works, but work it has for thougsands of years.

Peter Hazel sucessfully translates the tenent os this timeless philosophy with language and concepts mroe relevant for readers today.

Some marks, stains on cover and rust marks throughout.