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Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity – Angels of Love and Adoration –
Pink Ray

Chamuel and Charity are twin hosts of divine love, which Jesus described as the love that passeth all understanding.  Charity is compassion in action.  Chamuel channels God’s love.  Together these archangels govern the third ray, a softly-hued petal pink, which is based in the heart chakra.  It baths the earth most strongly on Monday.  Chamuel and Charity share a retreat in the etheric plane over St. Louis, Missouri.

Archangel Chamuel is barely mentioned by name in biblical or other scripture.  Perhaps because of his association with compassion and charity, he may be the unnamed angel who comforted Christ in Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane just before he was arrested, according to Ronner in Know Your Angels.

What Chamuel lacks in name recognition, he more than compensates for in importance, for he governs the energy of divine love, which is referred to in practically all religious teachings as the most potent creative and healing force in the universe. It cannot be emphasized enough that God is love.

Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity embody the Christian decree:  “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy spirit.” Or as Jesus said:  “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

This advice will bring you more joy than any other path.  While it asks that you be selfless, it is actually the most self-loving thing you can do because it will help you most.  The Christian religion is firmly planted in concepts of charity and love.  But the message has often been misinterpreted to mean one must give hand-outs here on earth to win a heavenly reward in the afterlife.  Such thinking actually fosters guilt more than anything else.  But that was not what Jesus’ message was intended to convey.

The love that passeth all understanding is the greatest gift that you can give yourself.  That is because we are all really one!  Our purpose on earth is to mend this illusion of separation, so that we may ascend with the angels toward the one great source, where we all belong.  If you try extending unconditional love outward to those “who do not deserve it,” you will see that the principle of divine love works.  It will show you that we are all one.  What you pour forth into the world as love, you receive ten-fold back yourself. Love conquers all.  It melts disharmony, fear and imperfection.

Love is joyful.  It is a beautiful, buoyant feeling.  It is the way people impart the wonderful feelings they receive from God to their families and friends.  It is what God is.

We have all been “hurt by love,” but this is not the kind that Chamuel brings to us on the crest of the soft-pink ray.  The Father/Mother God’s love can never hurt.  It is the true love, the “seamless garment, your eternal protection that consumes all unlike itself,” according to the book, “I AM” The Open Door.

“True love is selfless, it wants nothing of itself.”  The book continues:  “It is already full.  And out of that fullness, out of its own joy, it wishes to share, to give itself, to expand and embrace all in the wonders of itself.”

Chamuel is also adoration, reverence to God, the honoring and worshipping of the divine.  Adoration is like basking in the glow of the “mighty Sun.”  It is total surrender to the Father/Mother God from whom all blessings flow.  “It is complete devotion to the goodness of life,” wrote Thomas Printz in his book,  The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak.

Adoration is the act of worshipping God inside each of us.  By focusing on the perfect spark of divine creation within the stillness of your own heart and in the hearts of those around you, you increase the light and illuminate the darkness. Adoration is the passionate embrace of goodness and joy.

Combined with these attributes that send the heart soaring with joy, is Archeia Charity.  This twin flame is love and compassion in action.  Call on Charity if you are having trouble meditating or loving someone.  Charity will soothe you and increase your feelings of love for that person.  This complement to love and adoration will affirm that which is holy within you.

We call upon Chamuel and Charity to instill that sacred love within the emotional lives of all mankind.  Their directive is to help develop various aspects of humanitarianism, tolerance, adoration and reverence for all life within earthly beings.  They work to activate our instincts to joyfully accept God’s presence within.  The pink ray magnifies gratitude, another way to pour fourth love for God’s gifts and provisions.

For further information:
   • “Angels of Love and Light” by Linn Fisher