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Witchery Book

By Juliet Diaz

Everywhere, the witches are rising.  Are you ready to answer the call and embrace your own inner witch?

In this book, Indigenous, Taino Bruja and Seer, Juliet Diaz guides you on a journey to connect with the Magick within you.

She explains how to cast off what doesn’t serve you, unleash your authentic self, and become an embodiment of your truth.

You’ll also learn the skills and techniques you need to build your own Magickal craft and practice.

This book isn’t like any other witchy book out there, Juliet doesn’t just hand over spells for you to dive into, she teaches you how Magick really works, how to tap into the frequencies that manifest your intentions and desires, and explains why you are the most powerful tool in your life and Magick.

Within these enchanted pages you’ll discover how to:

  • Connect with the power of your inner witch
  • Create spells, potions, and rituals for love, protection, healing, manifestation and more
  • Amplify your energy by working with a Book of Shadows
  • Create an altar and decorate it according to the seasons to tap into seasonal power
  • Work with the Moon and the Seasons of the Witch
  • Connect with your ancestors to receive their wisdom Filled with Magick, inspiration, and love,

Witchery is your guide and companion on a wickedly delicious journey to true self-empowerment.

In the book, Juliet has hidden a spell that spans through every page.

In the beginning she asks readers to anoint the book (instructions in the book) to activate this spell which will connect you to the book at an intimate level.  The book becomes an oracle!

After you read the book and find yourself needing guidance on anything in life, simple grab the book and ask what it is you need to connect with, do or learn and flip the pages until you feel called to stop.

Read the lessons or words on that page to guide you.