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Angelic Realm Prints by Artist Marius Michael-George – Angels of Healing – Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary are the Angels of Healing and Concentration

Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary are healers.  To mankind, they represent the qualities of truth, concentration and healing.  Their ray is emerald green, the color of the “third eye” chakra.  Their goal is to teach mankind how to develop inner vision.  They help us to be seers of truth.  These archangels work on the fifth ray, a shimmering emerald green.  It makes perfect sense that this ray is the third eye chakra in Eastern thought.  The third eye gives us the power to visualize and to bring into manifestation God’s plan for our lives and allows us to see the abundance he intends for us.

The green ray sends its healing glow down to the earth most strongly on Wednesday.  The ruling archangels of this ray reside above Fatima, Portugal, in the etheric plane.

Archangel Raphael is the legendary healer.  His ray is the color of spring and rejuvenation.  Green is the healing color of nature.  It combines the bright, yellow power of fire, like the sun, with the grounded power of nature, the earth, to create beauty and vitality all around.  It is the green of life-giving chlorophyll, created by the sun’s action on the fertile earth, that restores man to health, sustaining and connecting him to his Creator.  It is also the color of many healing vegetables used in cleansing diets.

Likewise, in history Raphael is depicted as the healer.  The very name in Hebrew means “God cures”.  In The Bible, Raphael cures Abraham of the pain of his circumcision, which he underwent late in life.

In the Bible, Raphael acts as guide to Tobit’s blind son, Tobias who journeys to Media from Nineveh.  Along the way he defends Tobias against the demon, Asmodeus.  He is thus thought of as the angel who watches over those undertaking a spiritual pilgrimage, seeking spiritual healing or transformation.  In paintings by great masters such as Botticini, Titian, Lorrain, Pollajuolo, Ghirlandaio and Rembrandt, Raphael is often portrayed as carrying a walking stick, symbolizing the Staff of Life.

This angelic healer also taught Tobias how to enter safely into wedlock with Sara, whose seven previous grooms all died on their wedding night.  “He caused me to have my wife and he chased from her the evil spirit”, says Tobias.  “He gave joy to her parents.  Myself he delivered from being devoured by the fish; thee also he hath made to see the light of Heaven; and we are filled with all good things through him”.

Raphael is one of three archangels mentioned by name in The Bible.  Raphael is the angel sent by God to cure Jacob’s thigh injury after Jacob’s battle with a dark enemy.  In the famous legend of the flood, Raphael handed Noah a “medical book” when the rain had stopped.

St Raphael is regarded as the patron saint of the blind in Catholic teachings.  According to Butler in his book, Lives of the Saints, Raphael is also known as the patron saint of nurses, physicians and travelers.

Archeia Mary was embodied as Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She is the aspect of grace, God’s gift of mercy, compassion and protection.  As the flame of concentration, she sustains and nurtures God’s children.  She consolidates energies-the act of focusing one’s attention on a particular vision or achievement. Such concentration focuses the mothering sustenance of birth.

Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary also work with people on their ability to visualize the “immaculate concept,” the vision of their perfect selves.  They help us understand science.  They nurture our creative talents.  As the angels of healing, they assist doctors and nurses.  They direct colorful, healing currents of energy into homes and hospitals where healing is needed.

Perhaps you know someone who wears the color green all the time.  They may have a tremendous need to heal themselves or others.  Surgeons wear green in the operating room.  This marriage of healing with concentration brings help to mankind, as powerful as the life-giving combination of sun and earth in the natural world.

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