Candle – Crystal Soy – Amethyst with Lavender


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Product Description

Candle – Crystal – Soy – Amethyst with Lavender

This beautiful pure soy candle is presented in a lovely reusable glass candle jar.

Our candle features Amethyst crystals which helps you to be calm and tranquil.  It is a meditative stone that promotes balance, patience and peace.

Our fragrance is Lavender to restor calm and peace.

Because the soy was is water soluable . . . once you have enjoyed your candle and the wax has run out you can wash your crystals and jar.  Just pop the stones in your pocket for personal healing.

Warning:  Please leave 1cm of unburnt wax in the bottom of the jar to prevent overheating of the glass and potential cracking.

Size:  10cm x 10cm x 10cm

Burn time: