Crystal Caves – Agate Pair Small


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Crystal Caves – Agate Pair – Small

Natural Agate geode pairs.  Creams to chocolate brown in colour with twinkly crystal centres.

Friendship Stones

Beautiful Agate Caves that are the perfect set.  Friendship stones are two halves of an Agate Cave that make the perfect gift for that special friend or lover.

The eneries that link the halves of this glittering crystal geode can never be broken.  Use these energies to create your own bond with that very special friend or lover.

Take time, relax, clear your mind.  Holding the halves together visualise yourself surrounded by brilliant white light.  think of that very special person and imagine all your loving thoghts and wishes for them flowing into the stone.  Choose whichever half you feel is approprite and give it as a token of your love and affection.  the half you have chosen to keep, you will treasure forever.

They come in a lovely organza bag.