Fountain Tarot Set – Cards Deck & Book


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Fountain Tarot Set – Cards Deck & Book

By Jason Gruhl

The Fountain Tarot is an Illustrated Deck and Guidebook which includes:

  • 79 silver-gilded cards with original oil paintings and die-cut rounded corners
  • 112-page guidebook
  • Holographic shimmer box with magnetic-closure and lifting ribbon

The Fountain Tarot is a bold re-envisioning of the classic tarot deck, bringing the traditional archetypes and symbology of tarot into a contemporary context.

This boxed set features lush, ethereal paintings by Artist, Jonathan Saiz, rainbow holographic packaging by Designer, Andi Todaro, and an intimate guidebook by Writer, Jason Gruhl, that teaches you how to read the cards and how to use them as a tool for introspection, empowerment, and connection.

The Fountain is the unchanging, unnamable force of which everything and nothing are a part.  Whether you are selecting a card to set the tone for your day, invigorate creative energy, or navigate a specific question, The Fountain Tarot helps you to unlock your deepest longings and greatest potential.