Hypnosis for Quit Smoking CD


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Hypnosis for Quit Smoking CD

By Rick Collingwood

A proven and successful formula to stop smoking easily and permanently.  This audio program has stood the test of time and helped thousands to stop smoking the natural and easy way.  This powerful hypnotherapy program is proven to help you quit smoking whether you are a heavy smoker or just a social smoker.

This program works by aligning your mind and body towards accelerating the quitting process by helping remove the physical and emotional craving for cigarettes.  You know that removing this disgusting habit will allow you to regain your health, self-control and finances.  Now you can have the support of one of the world’s leading hypnotists wherever and whenever you need to.  Better still, at a fraction of the price for the three sessions usually required with a personal hypnotherapist which can cost hundreds of dollars!

The spoken script on this CD includes techniques to:

  • Reduce physical cravings
  • Reduce emotional cravings
  • Overcome ‘High-Risk’ situations that promote smoking such as Drinking Alcohol, Coffee, Eating and Stress.
  • Level out driving emotions that make you reach for a cigarette
  • Quit smoking without gaining weight
  • Increase your will power against the addiction

Platinum ARIA Record title with sales of over 100 000 copies and is a proven way to stop smoking forever.  In 2006, this CD achieved platinum status with the Australian Recording Industry Association.  No other self help or personal development CD Author has ever achieved such an accreditation.

Rick Collingwood now has 2 Platinum (69,000+ copies) and 5 Gold (33,000 copies+).  This is testament to an effective and proven product.  This CD was featured on the popular Australian TV show ‘A Current Affair’ in 2008 and the televised trial showed an 80% success rate among the trial participants.

Using this program will bring forth a willpower that you never knew was there!  You will be pleasantly surprised after regular listening that every time you feel like having a cigarette you will instead reach for a glass of water with absolutely No Hesitation!  Formatted to re-educate your subconscious mind, you will begin to automatically make positive and beneficial choices to realize that You Were Not Born a Smoker so why should you feel compelled to remain one.

There was a time when you never craved or wanted a cigarette . . . remind your mind and body of how it felt before you were a smoker.  By simply playing this audio program every day/night you will soon notice a remarkable difference in your attitude towards wanting a smoke because it changes the way you think and act at the deepest emotional level.

It is fine to remain on nicotine patches, gums, lozenges and other quit smoking products whilst you use this program, although it will work equally well without them and many people feel that the CD alone is sufficient for the quitting process.

Running Time: 54mins: 28secs


  1. Introduction
  2. Hypnosis Session

Warning:  This program improves the quality of life.  it does not cure any disease, and it is not intended to replace medical advice or medical care.  If in doubt consult your physician.