Medicine Woman 4 – Prophecy 2012 CD


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Medicine Woman 4 – Prophecy 2012 CD

By Medwyn Goodall

The ‘Medicine Woman’ trilogy has been one of the most successful series of new age CDs ever! Now comes the highly awaited addition “Medicine Woman IV – Prophecy 2012”.

This CD focuses on the ultimate Mayan mystery, the Mayan Calendar, which stops on the 21st December 2012 with the prophecy that humanity will cross the threshold into a new era and will make some very profound changes after years of turmoil. Medicine Woman IV takes a deep look at where we might be heading, and very soon.

“5 Stars! Beautifully uncluttered arrangements and spacious effects with all of the signature sounds and evolving layers of engaging themes we’ve come to expect from Medwyn. Threefold’s dreamlike vocals and the evocative Shaku flute playing of Aroshanti add a further dimension that makes this album soar. A perfect sequel to the previous albums in the Medicine Woman series.” — Chris Green (Runestone)