Meet Your Power Animal CD


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Meet Your Power Animal CD

By Scott Alexander King, Australia

When we tap into Universal Consciousness in order to better understand the spiritual language of the animals, we must first learn to quiet the mind, cease all internal chatter and listen with an intuitive ear.  Secondly, and most importantly, we must be prepared to trust unequivocally in the wisdom found in the silence.  Only then can Spirit hope to teach, heal and inspire us via the medicine ways of the animals.

Absolute silence is the key, the sacred link to the receiving of Spirit and its messages.  The knowledge the animals can impart is a pathway to power, a pathway anchored in the attainment of a truly spiritual life, an impeccable appreciation of our relationship with the Earth Mother and the integration of the one simple rule of existence into our life:  to maintain a reverent attitude to all things of Nature and to always treat everything as our equal.

Meeting Your Power Animals offers the chance to experience the sheer joy of meeting your power ally.  Imbued with instruction suited for both the beginner and the seasoned journeyer, the CD guides the listener deep into their subconscious self where they are invited to explore their inner landscape and come face to face with their Power Animal.