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& Food Mini

Chart Learn how to match Wine and Food to attain the perfect culinary experience the easy way with the Wine and Food Mini Chart.

Pairing food and wine is an old tradition and even though taste and enjoyment is subjective, pairing is essential to enhance the dining experience. This handy Mini Chart Wine and Food and its culinary potential.

This concise and useful Mini Chart shows 11 Essential areas:

  1. Examines Wine and Food in detail
  2. Explains the 12 most important grape varieties ie Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz
  3. Describes the taste of each grape variety
  4. Provides comments on the grapes, the wine making process and the blending with other varieties
  5. Identifies the Country of origin and the significant growing regions by Country
  6. Lists if it is Oaked and the colour
  7. Separates the wines into 3 styles for Table Wines for pairing with food
  8. Features the Family with which the wine is categorized
  9. Sets out the Taste, Common Label Names and the foods that are appropriate for the 3 Table Wine categories
  10. Identifies which foods are appropriate for each of the 12 grape varieties by food group
  11. And more . . .

A very useful tool for anyone who is interested or wants to learn about Wine and Food.

Printed and protection coated on both sides.

Size: 16cm x 23.5cm