Property Clearing & Protection – 50 Mins with Jo Thompson (inc Travel)

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Property Clearing & Protection Consultation for 50 Mins with Jo Thompson (inc Travel)

So you know something is going on, you’re feeling uneasy, its not pleasant and sometimes down right scary. You understand that you need Protection, that you want whatever is going on to be Gone but you are not sure how? Maybe nothing you have tried so far has worked.

So lets put all of your feelings, intuition, instinct, experiences into perspective. You are supposed to feel safe, stable and happy. What you are feeling needs to change so that you can feel Safe, Protected and get on with leading a Happy life.

Jo Thompson can help to clear out old, stuck, unpleasant, uncomfortable Energy, Entities, Spirits, Souls and anything else. Jo has been successful in clearing property, people, objects and anything else you care to name. Jo is Caring and Kind towards the living and those on the Other Side. It is a gentle and beautiful experience for all concerned so that everyone is set free so that we can all enjoy our lives and homes.

Jo Thompson has many decades of experience . And is highly Successful. Her previous Clearing and Cleansing work has changed everything for her Clients so everyone concerned is Safe and can lead stable happy lives.


Property Clearing is an important service if you are preparing your property for selling or a change of ownership or rental.

If you require your property to look and feel the best in order to get the best money or interest then this service will provide you with real benefits that will increase the value of your property for whatever reason.

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