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Good Tarot Cards Deck

By Colette Baron-Reid

The Good Tarot is simple and modern.  It pairs contemporary positive psychology with the highest good for all.  You can use these cards and integrate their energy immediately and personally.

Grounded in a divination system that dates back centuries, however, a crucial difference from traditional decks is that the messages are written as positive affirmations in the present tense, rather than forecasts, instructions, or warnings.

The 78 cards in the deck represent archetypal aspects of the human experience that we encounter within ourselves, others, and the world everyday.
The suits in The Good Tarot represent the four elements:

  1. Air relates to Swords
  2. Water replaces Cups
  3. Earth correlates to Pentacles
  4. Fire represents Swords.

Traditional tarot enthusiasts can apply their favorite spreads to this deck as its formation doesn’t stray too far from what is already familiar, and the breathtaking original artwork will be sure to inspire.

When Colette Baron-Reid first began doing professional readings almost 30 years ago, she used the traditional tarot as a source of intuitive guidance.  Now she has taken the classical form and given it a modern twist, with suits and meanings that are focused on transformation and personal growth.

Colette writes:

  • “Everyone wants guidance during times of uncertainty, a light shining in the dark,” .
  • “The Good Tarot is especially helpful when you feel lost, want confirmation about a direction you’re heading in, are concerned about the results of choices you’ve made, or seek greater understanding of your circumstances. It’s about recognizing the many forms of truth and seeing the light that accompanies the shadow so you can help the light increase its brilliance.”