You Are Inspired Book


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You Are Inspired Book

By Belinda Grace, Australia

Do you long to make a contribution to the World and help others live an inspiring life?

We are all looking for that sense of meaning and how to live your passion and live life from the heart, every day being filled with a sense of purpose.

BelindaGrace, Clairvoyant, Healer and Author of the best selling book You are Clairvoyant has spent 12 years helping her Clients to do exactly that.  Now she brings you her latest work titled You Are Inspired:  An Intuitive Guide to Life with Meaning and Purpose which will gently take you on your own journey of self discovery to your personal gifts and a sense of meaning.

Filled with inspiring true stories, easy to follow exercises, You are Inspired will help you make the transition to the inspiring life you know you can live. Using her friendly down to earth approach BelindaGrace teaches the reader how to tap into their true self and real life dreams.  There are twenty new practical exercises based around intuition and clairvoyance such as:

  • Tapping into childhood dreams
  • Connecting with the intuitive mind to find true self and inspiration
  • Recognizing and trusting intuitive guidance
  • Understanding who you really are
  • Manifesting your hearts desires

About the Author:  Belinda Grace has twelve years experience as a Clairvoyant Healer.  She has a corporate background, sound business sense and no nonsense approach to life; readers and people respond positively to her because she can communicate with all walks of life.  She is well known to many parts of Australia through her own national workshops, Adyar bookshop events and Mind Body Spirit workshops; appearances on talkback radio, Vega 95.3, MMM; Who magazine, Nature & Health, The Sunday Telegraph Body & Soul national lift out and TV appearances on The Morning show.

Belinda says:  “Over the years many people have come to me with a yearning to find what is missing from their lives.  The thing currently missing from your life is you.  The real authentic you.  Let this book be one of the guides to find and express the real you again and help you live your life with joy, inspiration, meaning and purpose.”