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Prophecy & Prediction Book – Pre-Loved

By Ronnie Burns, Australia

Prophecy & Prediction: Threat or Warning

Are the prophecies of the age upon us?

Indications that radical Earth changes are increasingly imminent, cannot be ignored.   Freak weather, flooding and seismic events frequently attract world media attention, on a daily basis.

Prophecy & Prediction – Threat or Warning?, the book, is a transcript of all the guest interview not included in the television program of the same name.

As a follow on from the documentary, it continues to examine Nostradamus, John the Apostle, Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet), modern days futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion, Edmund Harold and other  guests including popular Authors, Scientists and the amazing prophecies of Mother Shipton, the 15th Century prophetess.

Some marks and writing on the inside and back covers.