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Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine –
Angels of Illumination and Wisdom – Yellow Ray

Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine bring down the wisdom from the Godhead.  They direct the yellow ray.  This ray anchored in the crown chakra at the top of the head.  The second ray beams forth to earth most strongly on Sunday.  The Archangel and Archeia of the yellow ray focus their presence in their retreat above the Great Wall of China near Lanchow.

Angels and saints in history, art and literature are pictured with a gold halo encircling their head.  Even stalwart Christians recognize the yellow ray of wisdom through depiction of this golden halo.  The Hindus recognized the crown chakra as a divine yellow seat of God’s wisdom and illumination.  Through this chakra we are inspired with higher knowledge and tap into the mind of God.

There is not much written in traditional lore about Archangel Jophiel.  He is known as the angel of beauty, for his name in Hebrew translates to “beauty of God”.  It is generally believed that Jophiel drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  Not surprisingly, Jophiel guarded the Tree of Knowledge, which played a crucial role in their expulsion from paradise.  The metaphor for the beginning of the separation of man’s thought from the divine was when Eve tasted the fruit of knowledge, thus breaking the “at-one-ment” with God.

When Eve bit into the apple she began to perceive both evil and good.  The introduction of evil led mankind to forget what absolute truth was. Everything would become relative, and man could no longer distinguish absolute goodness from the good that is only good in comparison to evil.

So the mission of these twin flames is to illuminate mankind with understanding of the teachings of Christ, Mohammed and all the other prophets and angels.  The flames represent the phrase “I AM Light”, which is a feeling that descends upon enlightened souls. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light”.  In other words, he is saying “the wisdom that I bring you is God’s wisdom and I bring it to you to use in your life”.

Whenever there is a spark of inspiration toward spiritual growth, the angels of illumination are brought in to magnetize that fusion.

Christine, Jophiel’s divine complement, acts as the shrine for wisdom.  As the feminine complement of wisdom, she represents constancy, that which is steadfast and changeless.  Often someone who is so lost in thought cannot focus long enough to translate all his or her great ideas into material creation.  This person needs the balance of constancy.  Many intellectuals need the energies of Christine to make them practical.

Like all feminine complements to the archangels, Christine is the energy of Mater, which in Latin translates into mother.  The feminine complement is like mother earth, the receptive garden into which a seed is planted.  In this case, Christine is the shrine where wisdom lies.  Her name “Christ-in” means the Christ consciousness made into matter.  She is also the spirit of Christ energy (or God-Consciousness) in elemental life, all the creatures and plants on earth.  All living beings are a combination of matter and spirit.  Likewise each archangel needs a grounded complement to translate their power to the human realm.

Illumination is basically just understanding.  If you have been confused or afraid, you know how comforting understanding can be.  When you get in a fight with someone, the conflict is not often resolved until you understand the reasons for the person’s anger.  When they come back to explain their rage, your anger goes away.  Without knowing the reasons for the outburst, you would continue to harbor resentment.  So understanding brings peace.  They say to know God is the same as loving God.  For the truth of the universe is so beautiful you cannot but love it.

Of course not everything can be understood on this plane-certainly not all at once.  But when mental mastery is necessary, the angels of wisdom will help.  Psychologists make their living helping others uncover what in their past has caused them to act irrationally or painfully in the present.  Through understanding a painful childhood or painful event, the patient is mentally cured from bondage by this idea.  Wisdom works to heal by unknotting messy human thoughts and replacing them with God’s perfect vision.

Jesus tells us the thirst for knowledge is crucial to spiritual advancement. “Ask and ye shall receive”, means we must ask for this gift of wisdom.  We must ask the angels to become a part of our lives again.  The Buddhist tradition teaches that there is a river of knowledge that runs through our consciousness and in it are all the secrets and mysteries of the universe.  They are bubbling forth for us to use if only we could stay still long enough to listen and recognize them.  Some have said the river of knowledge sounds like laughter.  Others have said it is the one universal sound of “OM”.

Jophiel is sent from God to help us focus our energies away from carnal attractions to the pure mental state of Christ, which is the perfect mind.  Jesus Christ was in some ways responsible for changing an entire planet.  The energy of his mind was totally one with God.

The illumination of this ray removes the density of negativity created by human thoughts and feelings.  These thoughts could be jealousy, doubt, fear, dishonor and a lack of integrity.  Archangel Jophiel and Christine release mighty currents of light which can flow around your brain and remove such density.  The rays of God’s wisdom play upon your painful thought patterns like sun reflecting on rippling water.  They can turn your bitterness into light banter dissipating from the body like breath.

Jophiel and Christine are known as the directors of training for all the angels.  They hold the position in the angelic kingdom similar to the one Jesus held as Lord of this earthly planet.

I have said that the Three-fold Flame inside the heart chakra is made up of the yellow, blue and pink flames.  You cannot get through the day without these core attributes of God.  Without love, you will not have human relationships.  Without faith, you will not move forward through despair.  And without knowledge, you will not know where to turn or what to do.  Wisdom is the lodestone, or magnet, to draw down the perfect blueprint.  This perfect map is how God created man in his likeness and image.  God’s will-his plan for our lives-is to use His energy to create our lives in a positive way.  With our will, we create our own future as we grow.  When we decide to move to New York City to become a great writer, for example, we are setting up that path for our life.  That is our will.

Call upon Jophiel and Christine when you need information.  When you need understanding of a confusing situation they will pour forth the golden fountain of wisdom upon you.

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