Relationship Runes Set – Book & Runes


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Relationship Runes Set – Book & Runes

By Ralph Blum

Ralph Blum’s commentaries on the Runes have been a source of wisdom, comfort, and guidance for millions of readers around the world.  Now the Runes speak to all of us in loving relationships of every kind.  Whether we need to face the challenges that arise with an intimate partner, or the issues between friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors, The Relationship Runes offers valuable counsel.  This new interpretation will provide you with a reliable compass to help you get your bearings on your own journey of loving relationships.

Pack contains:

  • Hard cover book of interpretation with 176 pages
  • Rune stones with 25 intensely beautiful frosted glass
  • Drawstring velvet casting bag

About the Author:  Ralph H Blum is an Anthropologist and a student of the oracular tradition.