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Return to Fairyopolis Book

By Justine Swain-Smith

Ten years after her first encounter at Fairyopolis, Cicely Mary Barker’s young charge, Dulcie, is now a teenager.  And her belief in the Flower Fairies is beginning to waver.  She remembers her childhood encounters with the fairies, but she has not seen them for a long time, and this saddens her greatly.

She begins to investigate where the fairies have gone, little knowing that they are all around her as she writes!  Her journal details her correspondence and contact with her friend and advisor Cicely, as well as her own thoughts, research and investigation into where the fairies have gone.

And at the end of her book, on the eve of her 16th birthday, the fairies allow Dulcie to behold a truly magical sight . . .

With stunning pop-ups, lift-the-flaps, postcards, maps, glitter and more on every spread, this book brings all the fairy magic alive again!